Uberti 1873 Single Action Army U.S. Cavalry 7.5″ 45LC Polished Nickel

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Product Description

Cimarron’s U.S. Cavalry Scout Model is an authentic copy, INCLUDING the 4 iconic clicks to bring the firearm to full cock, of the 1873 single-action Colt revolvers issued to these brave warriors in blue, reproduced directly from one of our antique collection’s original firearms. Like the troopers’ 7th Cavalry Model, this 7 1/2-inch barreled, .45 Colt caliber, full nickel-plated peacemaker-styled sixgun bears the OWA cartouche of 1870s military inspector Orville W. Ainsworth on the walnut grip. Other government proof and inspector’s markings are stamped in the proper locations, as well as the 2-line patent dates, the U.S. stamp on the frame, and uses blued screws and cylinder base pin.