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CMMG BANSHEE 300 PISTOL Mk57 – 5.7X28mm

CMMG BANSHEE 300 PISTOL Mk57 – 5.7X28mm


If you want the best an AR has to offer, then the 300 Series is your choice. This AR is fitted with every desired feature including a choice of 10 Premier Cerakote colors, laser engraved model name on the lower receiver, updated ambidextrous controls and sling points along with a premium trigger, Magpul grip, PRS stock, CMMG’s revolutionary RIPSTOCK or RIPBRACE, and CMMG’s SV muzzle brake. These are just a few of the possible upgrades on this series. Chambered in 5.7x28mm, these pistols and SBRs are ready for the range.

The Mk57 platform accepts FN FiveSeven-style 5.7×28 magazines, and features a unique magazine release.

CMMG delivers its lightest and most compact firearms within the BANSHEE line of Short Barreled Rifles (SBR’s) and AR pistols. Don’t let these little guys fool you though. With a wide range of caliber offerings available, there’s plenty of firepower in the BANSHEE line. With a variety of different barrel lengths and furniture to choose from, the BANSHEE 100, BANSHEE 200 and BANSHEE 300 series will have the right combination for you when concealment and portability matter the most.

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